“Last year while on vacation, I was hit with the hard truth by this picture my mom took, and a few more. I knew I was overweight and not healthy, but I just didn't care and I had given up.”

Greg’s saying was "I'm fat and happy," but he wasn't. His mom is old school and still develops pictures from her camera, so when she brought a picture to his room, and another one of Greg and his dad on the beach, he just about starting crying. “I knew I was big, but I didn't realize I had let myself get to this point. I had not only let myself down, but my family also. It was a defying moment for me and I knew I had to make some serious changes.” Greg’s wife and family deserved the best version of him, and that is not what he was giving them. He wasn’t motivated, he had little energy to work out, but he wanted to change. He just wasn't sure how the weight-loss would happen.

“Praying for the strength to handle this situation I put myself in, my prayers were answered by a college friend that posted on Facebook that she had just lost 20 pounds and was feeling great with a healthy program. So I reached out to her and said, “please help”. Greg’s journey began on July 30, 2016, when he joined the health program and was appointed a free Health Coach. He lost 17 pounds his first month. He was so happy to see such fast results and he wasn’t even working out.

“I went on to lose 68 pounds over the next six months, and then decided I wanted to help others that were struggling with the same issues.”

Greg became a Certified Health Coach. “This program has been such a blessing for his family, and Greg as well. Not only for the weight loss, but he’s a better person because of the gift of this health program, and he loves that he gets to share it with others.

“I’ve had an amazing support team and everyone I’ve met with this health community has been incredibly nice and supportive. I tell my friends this is the most positive group of people I’ve ever met in my life! We are making a difference one life at a time, and I love it!” Greg has maintained his weight now using the Habits of Health system that he learned, and now teaches.

“My new saying is "I'm healthy and happy," and both are true statements. I love Dr. Wayne Andersen and everything he represents. I also love my business team, teammates and everything about the Health Program.

“I am ALL IN! How about YOU?”





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