Melissa & Daemon

My husband and I have always lived life with smiles!

What most people didn’t see behind those fun smiles and our continuous humor was the pain we suffered....

We couldn’t bend down to tie our shoes without losing our breath or turning blue. If something fell on the floor, we’d ask a kid to pick it up (y’all laugh, but this was a real struggle that we would laugh about LOL) We refused to climb the stairs in our own home (thank God our bedroom is downstairs LOL) Our blood pressures were high. We never slept right. I was hypoglycemic while he was pre-diabetic. Our mood swing were all over the place. We couldn’t concentrate on one single thing. We had NO energy.

After 7 months, I lost 70 lbs. My husband waited a little while to watch my health get better before he jumped in to make his health better. After 4 months he jumped in with me losing 50 lbs in 3 months time!!! Together, we have lost 120 lbs!

Not only have we lost 120 total, but our energy is up. Our blood pressure is leveled out. Our blood sugars are considered “PERFECT” by our doctors. We climb those stairs constantly. We bend over to pick up our own items! We also can tie our shoes while breathing!

We are still on our journey to Optimal Health enjoying the ride together.





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