How to Stay Active in the Fall

The leaves have turned, they are falling and the weather has started to become cold. As we look outside and see the weather change, many of us see this cold front moving in and the idea of going outside to stay active or exercise is downright discouraging. Even though that couch and comfy blanket might be calling your name here are a few idea’s to get you out and about.

*Find a local farm and see what kind of activities they might have available. Maybe a corn maze? When was the last time you walked through a pumpkin patch, not a supermarket, to pick out your own pumpkin?

*We all know about going to the Farmers Market in the summer, but did you know that many Farmers Markets are open through October or even early November. Look to see when the next Fall Farmers Market is opened near you.

*See if you can pick out your own squash from our lower-glycemic list (Butter Cup Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Delicata Squash, Kabocha Squash, Carnival Squash, Chayote Squash, Hubbard Squash, Australian Blue squash, Turban Squash, Apple Gourd, and Indian Bottle Gourd).

*Explore a Haunted House.

*Find your area’s best location of fall tree’s and take a nice long walk to enjoy the beauty breathing in the cool, crisp air.

*Round your friends up and play a game of two-hand touch football.

*Better yet, round your friends up for a friendly soccer match in the park.

*Everyone loves to hike in the summer, although what about hiking in the fall. You can enjoy the great fall leaves and also the cooler, brisker weather, which is quite frankly much nicer to hike in.





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