How to Cope with Feeling Overwhelmed

When living above the line, you empower yourself to take ownership of all aspects of your life, you are accountable for your actions, and you act responsibly. Living above the line is not always easy and can sometimes feel overwhelming. In moments of stress, it’s important to take a step back and follow these steps to help re-center yourself.

Breathe. Breathing is essential to life. Steady breaths can help you relax your body and ease your mind. Inhale for five seconds. Hold your breath for an additional five seconds. Finally, exhale for another five seconds. Repeat this practice for as long as you wish.

Stop and Visualize. When negative thoughts seem to fill your head, picture a ginormous traffic stop sign to help guide your mind to positive thinking.

Find Your Mantra. “I can do this!” When times are tough, it is important to have your own personal mantra to help guide you. Find your affirming phrases and keep it close.

Body Scan. Lay down and focus your attention on your body. Do a mental body check from head to toe. This self-realization will help to center you and make you more self-aware.

Sensory. Check in with your senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. Name a handful of things you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. Relax your mind by focusing on your immediate surroundings.





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