A note from Tracie about Foodless Activities

It is not uncommon to build activities around food. The good news is that you can break the cycle and find foodless activities to help retrain your brain by being mindful when cravings hit and trying fun alternatives without food.

I find when I am with family or friends who are not on a health journey similar to mine, I struggle with finding ways to engage them outside of the kitchen or restaurant. Here are some ways I've expanded my toolbox:

▪ Get outside. Free yourself of temptation and spend time in the great outdoors. Go for a walk, run, or hike to get your heart rate up. Tend to your garden or take a seat and just relax.

▪ Start a hobby such as knitting, reading, woodworking, or photography. Find a hobby that interests you and refocus your mind on learning.

▪ Join a gym or exercise class. What better way to retrain your brain than focusing on healthy motion! Get moving to help improve your mood and relieve stress.

▪ Challenge your brain. Mind games are a great way to strengthen your brain. Pull out a puzzle, game, or playing cards to distract your mind for a bit.

▪ Support yourself with good self-care. Make time for relaxation to help decompress from the day and recharge. Treat yourself to a spa visit or weekend getaway. Spend time with friends and connect with others.

Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits can help you cope with obstacles that stand in your way. Retrain your brain during emotional times and enjoy foodless activities!





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