Change is...GREAT!

When was the last time you gave up something good?

I recently did. In February. I gave up hanging out at a Good weight for my body, with Good exercise habits, Good food choices, Good business habits, Good relationships with my friends and my family. Gave 'em up. For Good.

Because I've decided I'm going to go for GREAT. I want a GREAT healthy weight for my body where I have unending energy, look sexy and happy and have a pep in my step. I want to have GREAT exercise habits that keep my body flexible and fit and strong. My GREAT food choices will keep me fueled for all this fun I plan on having. My GREAT business habits will keep me coming back here to write and also serving my clients and our coaching tribe with my best possible self, which they wholeheartedly deserve. My relationships with friends and family - They deserve a GREAT version of me and I want our connections to be deep and true.

So I'm giving up what's good. Because good is not good enough. I want Great.

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