A note from Tracie about Being Consistent

Creating any kind of change in our lives requires a shift in habits. Even small changes, implemented consistently over a period of time, can lead to tremendous change. By making a daily commitment to be consistent, we are able to create habits that enable us to reach our goals. Consistency allows us to create and live the life we've imagined! Dr. A suggests that, by combining the following components, you can effectively create consistency in your life and journey.

▪ Creating a new habit takes, on average, 66 days of consistent behavior. ▪ Changing habits often requires mindfulness; implement practices that make you more aware of why you are making certain choices so that you have the presence of mind to change them. ▪ Start small. Break big habits down into micro habits. So, instead of doing 100 push-ups a day, start by doing just one and gradually add them. ▪ Work with a mentor so that you have support, direction, and accountability for your journey.

Regardless of what habit you are working to create or goal you are trying to accomplish, the key is consistency! Repeat a behavior for long enough and it becomes a way of life.





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