A note from Tracie about Healthy Harvest Time

This time of the year is often associated with days filled with candy and other sugary treats. People tend to celebrate by preparing pumpkin flavored baked goods or festive shaped cookies and parading kids around to collect buckets full of candy. But we have the ability to take some of these old, sugar-loaded traditions and replace them with new, healthy ones! Here are some ideas for spending a happy and HEALTHY harvest time with your kids:

▪ Participate in a festive walk or run. Check to see if your community has harvest activities for you and your family to participate in together. ▪ Attend a harvest party. Libraries and local farms often provide free or inexpensive opportunities for children to take part in games and activities. ▪ Donate the candy your children collect from trick-or-treating. Many dentists, food banks, and other local organizations collect candy after Halloween to donate to deployed soldiers. ▪ Pass out non-food items to trick-or-treaters. Consider handing out stickers or small toys as an alternative to the traditional candy. ▪ Spend an afternoon making some of the festive and healthy snacks below. (*Note: these snacks are not lean and green approved.)





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