Be Bolder and Brighter

a three-month group coaching series

Once your goals are set and a plan is in place, what's next?

The goal-setting is only the BEGINNING.  Have you ever planned to accomplish something only to get distracted by something else? Yes, we all have! We know this to be true: ongoing learning, accountability, support and guidance are crucial for massive progress and achievement of your goals. 


This 3-month online coaching series (begins August 17, 2020) will provide participants with valuable community support and peer accountability, additional education and inspiration from your coach, Tracie - She's been there before and will provide you with the tools, systems, thought processes and support required for success.

At the end of three months, you'll have increased confidence and ability as you will have developed your own skills and mindset for setting and getting goals in the future. You can expect to have moved forward or accomplished those goals you've set!


This program is for motivated women who have a goal and a plan and REALLY want to GET those goals! If you're excited and inspired to make this transformation in your life or in your business, you'll want to join Tracie and this like-minded community. 





Santa Cruz, CA, USA