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I lost my first husband in the spring of 2010. My kids were 1 1/2 and 4 and I had no family near me. I worked full time in Silicon Valley, my kids went to before-school care, after-school care. I saw them for a few hours during the week and on the weekends. And I was tired. Impatient. Lonely. Did I say tired?

After I started to come out of the fog of grief, I decided, finally, that something had to shift.

I decided with what I saw in the mirror every day. It seemed to me, if I felt better about my shape, then I would feel better about my life. Superficial, I know, but I was in survival mode. I also desperately needed more energy! I Needed to sleep better. I needed to be more patient at work and especially with my kids.

After beginning on my health journey, I quickly dropped 55lbs. That was over 5 years ago - but really, that weight loss was a side effect of everything else that I gained.

With the help of my health coach and our supportive community, I gained a new perspective on what was possible for me and for my family. I retrained my brain and learned new habits. I understood fueling my body. I learned how to live like a healthy person.

Now I help other people figure out what they want to change with their health.  Some want to lose weight, Like I did. Some have medications they'd rather not continue taking, for lifestyle-related illnesses. some just want to have more energy and teach their own families healthy habits.

So I get to do that. Every day. It's a blessing to help others improve their health. Maybe fewer women and moms will end up widowed and alone like I used to be.

Oh, and by the way, now I'm remarried, to my BFF of 30+ years...and he's a great dad. We live in Santa Cruz, California with the kids, now 8 and 11, our dog, Princess Leia.

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I found the guide I needed...

Before: Working full time in Corporate America. Two young children. A widow, after losing my husband to cancer. No family nearby. Survival Mode. So alone.

Even from a young age, I always felt bigger than everyone around me - and it wasn't only because I was taller. From the teen years to young adulthood I struggled with trying to feel satisfied with myself and my physical form. In the early 2000's as my first husband and I started our family and at the same time he was diagnosed with cancer. So, over four years, we had 2 kids, and chemo, radiation, and ultimately we lost him in May 2010. I was alone, with 2 pre-preschoolers, working full time, commuting, surviving. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.





Santa Cruz, CA, USA